Thank you for saying in print what I’ve said to friends, to blindly loyal bushbots when kicking their asses and sipping Café Bustelo on Yahoo message boards before going to work ... we are China’s bitch (Hammer, “2006: The Year of Anger,” April 26-May 3). The trade imbalance, this country’s insatiable appetite for cheap piece o’ shit made in China goods and Bush borrowing from China to pay for his insane action in Iraq has China laughing all the way to the bank.

In many ways however, we’re our own worst enemy. We MUST have the biggest gas guzzling vehicles on the planet, then bitch about gas prices. Many want the war in Iraq, but unwilling to fight themselves. The soldier comes home maimed, and warmongers think yellow ribbon magnets will make them feel better ... and we know where they’re made. We think our shit don’t stink ... but it stinks like the proverbial muthafucka in so many ways.

I hate politics across the board, but it’s all we’ve got. However, anyone who thinks Bush is doing a “heckuva job” and everything is peachy has lost their fuckin’ minds.

Kevin Cheatham


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