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Thumbs down: Where's the love?

After 30 years of providing various platforms of play for

tennis lovers and competitors, the Indianapolis Tennis Center is slated for

demolition. Critics charge the decision-making process was too fast to allow

for discussion, not to mention the fact it appears IUPUI will pave this former

paradise with, you guessed it, a parking garage. A proposed expansion of the

NCAA headquarters adds delicious irony to this complex story as it compelled

IUPUI officials to re-imagine that entire area of the campus, a re-imagining

that did not include the continued existence of the ITC. The nearly one

thousand members of the ITC are bereft, and while the annual tennis

championships suffered a bit over the recent years, the space was, among other

attributes, one of only six Regional Training Centers designated for use in

training the top junior players in the region. To evoke Cat Stevens: Where will

the children play?

Thumbs up: Utilities Sale

Thumb direction subject to change. The Indianapolis

City-County Council voted 19-10 Monday night [July 26] to approve the $1.9

billion sale of the city's water and sewer utilities to Citizens Energy Group,

in a non-profit public trust agreement. Pros? The sale will bail the city out

of about $1.5 billion in debt, with at least $425 million left over for

citywide infrastructure improvements. It's also projected to save consumers

money. Cons? Rates are still expected to increase, just not as severely. For

those keeping track, we've managed to sell yet another public service down the

corporate river – abnegating just a little more of our power to regulate

crucial services from the voting booth. And as some councilors rightly noted,

business-as-usual says the city's poor rarely dine well at the city feeding

trough when it comes to capital improvements.

Thumbs up: Hyatt Protest

Dozens of protesters engaged in an act of civil disobedience

to protest what they said were unfair working conditions at the downtown Hyatt

Hotel – part of a coordinated day of demonstrations at 17 cities across

North America. Hundreds turned out for the protest on Thursday, July 22, but at

least 40 were arrested after they linked arms and sat down in the middle of the

sidewalk in front of the Hyatt. Protestors argued that while workers were

losing jobs, losing hours, and working under increasingly strenuous conditions,

Hyatt owners, the Pritzker family, were living high on the hog despite the

recession, having netted over $1 billion late last year when they took the

company public. See our more extensive coverage and photo slide show online:


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