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Thumbs up: Covering

their asse(t)s

Sen. Mike Delph (R-Carmel) delivered a firm "thank you, but

no" to shamed financier Tim Durham Monday, returning the $10,000 Durham donated

to his campaign in 2006 and 2007. In a letter to a bankruptcy attorney obtained

by the Associated Press, Delph went on to reprimand his fellow Republicans who

have been reluctant to step up — Gov. Daniels received roughly $195,000

but says the money has already been spent. If he's at all interested in saving

face, Daniels should probably consider dipping into the expected revenue from

his upcoming book, Keeping the Republic:

Limited Government, Unlimited Citizens, slated for publication this


Thumbs up: HIP


State officials are scrambling to find a health care solution

once the existing Healthy Indiana Plan expires in 2012. When the new federal

law takes effect in 2014, nearly 500,000 Hoosiers will become eligible for

Medicaid. One problem: there's no plan in place for that gap year.The state will ask Medicaid officials

to approve an extension of the program's waiver, allowing it to continue

diverting Medicaid funds to cover the expansion. Backers of the program, namely

Gov. Daniels, praise its "consumer-focused incentives of personal

responsibility," but critics call it more expensive and less effective than

Medicaid. A public hearing at the Government Center South downtown on Wednesday

will address the contentious proposal.

Thumbs down:

Stalemate fatigue

Same story, different week. You

might be tired of us thumbing about it, but surely you haven't yet reached the

level of ire coming from House Republicans. Speaker Bosma

(R-Indianapolis) announced last week a bump in fines to the runaway Dems, from $250 to $350 per diem. In an effort to work

around their absence, informal House committee meetings started up this week to

discuss proposed Senate bills. Meanwhile, it's business as usual in the other

legislative chamber; the Senate Appropriations Committee began hearings Monday

to hash out the 2012-2013 budget, working from a House committee-approved

version of the bill.

Thumbs up: Bike

wheels keep on turnin'

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. got a shout-out earlier

this month from the League of American Bicyclists, a national bike advocacy and

education group. KIB earned a Bronze distinction in the Bike Friendly Business

category for promoting sustainable habits among staff and throughout the

community. Twenty-five percent of KIB staff members ride to work, where the

nonprofit provides bike parking, and the organization partners with INDYCOG to

offer recycled Bike Bucket workshops. The League also handed Indiana University

a Bronze in its Bike Friendly University program. Good to see some homegrown

entities fighting the good fight; maybe there's hope for us yet.


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