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Thumbs up- Civic fever

The results are in: On Monday, the first day of early


, 278 people turned up at the county clerk's office to cast their

ballots, nearly five times the number of first-day early voters in the last

municipal election. Several voters cited the Columbus Day holiday as giving

them enough time and flexibility to make the trip downtown, according to the

clerk's staff. "It goes to show you that when people have time and they

have flexible options they will avail themselves of the opportunity," said

Angie Nussmeyer, a spokeswoman for Marion County Clerk Beth White. "We

just wish it was in other parts of the community..." Last month,

Republican opposition thwarted the Clerk's efforts to expand early voting to

satellite locations around the city

. Voters wishing to cast an early vote have

a variety of weekday and weekend options to do so downtown until noon Nov. 7.

Democratic candidate for mayor Melina Kennedy held a rally Tuesday to further

increase interest and participation. So who's ahead so far? No one can say. The

early ballots are kept in a vault until Election Day when bi-partisan election

teams will deliver them to their respective districts to be tallied.

Thumbs up- Indy Occupied

Here's to a peaceful yet powerful demonstration downtown

last weekend!

More than 1,000 people turned up to Occupy Indianapolis on

Saturday, and a small group remains encamped on the Statehouse steps. The

organic nature of this movement, the effort to embrace collective consciousness

and consensus and the overall inclusiveness are blazing new territory on the

protest front. We're eager to see how this movement evolves.

Thumbs up- Pony up for the puppies (and the kitties)

Animal rescue groups across the city are teaming up for

Rescue Rally, a friendly competition designed to see who can spring the most

animals from Indianapolis Animal Care and Control. Last year, 8,707 of the

16,933 animals IACC received were euthanized. Local rescue groups saved 30

percent of the animals adopted from IACC, according to Rescue Rally organizers.

The rally aims to bolster those efforts. The second annual event runs Oct. 15

– Jan. 15. Its goal is to see more than 200 animals removed from the

shelter, double the amount saved during last year's competition. In addition to

rewarding groups that save the most dogs and cats, the rally will also award

groups saving the most animals with special needs, including sight-impaired and

physically impaired animals. Rally organizers are currently raising money to

underwrite prizes. Wanna help? Visit or call 317-641-9300.


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