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Right to Session

For better or for worse, Republicans have made it their goal

to use their majority in the Indiana General Assembly to pass right-to-work

legislation. It's an issue of fairness; not forcing people to join unions if

they want to work in particular companies or fields, says Rep. Douglas Gutwein, R-Francesville,

who passed the bill out of committee Monday. For better or worse, Democrats have employed extreme measures to

undermine the bill's progress. Last session this opposition resulted in the

Democrats' five-week exodus out of state. This session, although they are still

dead set against RTW, Democrats ended a week-long

standoff by appearing on the House floor Monday. Will Indiana gain jobs or will

this undermine collective bargaining rights, the state's average wage and the

livelihood of the middle class? The relative wisdom of leadership in ignoring

the scores of Hoosier workers who have traveled from all corners of the state

to protest the bill will be judged by history. In the meanwhile, it's about

time that all of the representatives gather in the venue designed for debate and hash out the

details not only of this bill, but of the entire slate

of legislation Hoosiers want heard.


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