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Levee Loquacity


Where one once found nothing but a dearth of recreational opportunity, now stands the Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center brimming with 27,000 square feet of community-building potential budding in a brand-new health and fitness center, classrooms, an instructional kitchen, greenhouse, multi-media studio, community space and the Indianapolis Youth Education Town. Indy's philanthropic community took the $1 million pledged by the NFL to benefit an economically downtrodden neighborhood and raised it 10 times to create the $11.3 million facility that now offers more than 200 hours per week of health, fitness, cultural, nutritional and domestic skills programs and activities for all ages. Family memberships are $40 and individuals are $20. Sliding-scale fees are also available to ensure accessibility to everyone who wants to participate. To build awareness and membership, Pacers mascot Boomer will ride at the halfway point of a 46-hour Stationary Bike-A-Thon on Feb. 17 at noon at the Art Bank Gallery at 811 Mass. Ave. Music, food and drinks will be on tap beginning at 6 p.m. on the 16th and 17th.

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