Levee Loquacity


Thumbs Up: Keep milkin', ma

Dairy cows

aren't the only milking moms roaming the grounds of the Indiana State Fair, two

Lactation Stations (on the northeast corner of the track and just north of the

covered bridge) aim to corral as many of the human variety as possible. In

addition to helping moms, the Indiana State Breastfeeding

Coalition aims to help society at large by normalizing nursing. The coalition

is also participating in a

nationwide campaign

by consumer advocate Public Citizen to stop infant formula marketing in 2,600 hospitals nationwide

— 85 of which are in Indiana. "Research

has shown that mothers who receive infant formula samples are less likely to

breastfeed exclusively and are more likely to breastfeed for shorter durations,"

ISBC noted in a recent news release. The World

Health Organization condemned practices such as distributing industry-sponsored

diaper bags. Still, two-thirds of U.S. hospitals continue sucking at the

manufacturers' teats despite widespread proof that exclusive

breastfeeding of babies for the first six months provides an unparalleled health

boost. The state fair's lactation stations, in their five years of operation,

have helped more than 25,000 women celebrate mothers' milk.


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