Thumbs up: Can we get much higher?

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Thumbs up: Can we get much higher?

Cancers of the respiratory system killed more than 4,000 people in Indiana in 2010, according to the state health department's most recent mortality report, which charts the state's leading causes of death. Chronic lower respiratory diseases, such as emphysema, nabbed another 3,800 more. In fact, these two conditions were the state's leading causes of death after heart disease. The American Lung Association of Indiana has thrown down the gauntlet: these issues must be surmounted one step at a time - literally. The annual Fight for Air Climb will have corporate, friends and family, and fire teams ascending the 768 steps (35 floors) of Downtown's Regions Tower up to three times to raise money to support the nonprofit's work. A post-climb party is planned at Tomlinson Tap Room. The first of nine free training classes begins this week at the National Institute for Fitness and Sports for registrants of any age and ability. For more information or to register, visit

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