Force feeding

Watching Gov.


deliver his final State

of the State address

last week as a sea of angry protestors howled from

outside the room, one was struck by the powerful emotion of the situation. Here

is man who professes an undying love of Indiana and says a right-to-work

law will be of great benefit. Outside, scores of Hoosiers disagreed. RTW

boosters did not feel compelled to pick up their placards for a counter

demonstration. Maybe that's not how the economic development community rolls.

Still, to disregard the depth of emotion running contrary to this initiative

threatens to further erode faith that government truly is of and for the

people. Maybe RTW is right for Indiana, but let's not force feed

the issue when so many Hoosier workers are crying foul. Put it on the ballot

— let us decide as a state what policy on this contentious issue we feel

is truly in our best interest.


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