Taking an honest look I feel as though you have thoroughly objectified the governmental issues not only in Indiana, but around the nation.

Your recent article on the new stadium deal (Dispatch, “Viva Indianapolis,” Dec. 22-29), and what that means to the areas of the city’s woes which are being pushed aside, is probably the most honest look at what is happening in not only Indiana, but our country in general. The government relies on the public paying the bills for the independent projects it sees fit to endorse. Yet when it comes time to actually provide something of real value, like education or clean air and water, they side-step the issue and begin blaming each other as if there is a difference in a Democrat and a Republican. Either through “hospitality,” property, sales or income taxes we end up paying for all of these private ventures, which merely supplement the already very rich CEOs and other top officials in the industry who have purchased these “public servants” for the low, low price of a simple vacation or donation to their next campaign fund.

The current state of “freedom’s” existence is repulsive. I understand how the system works … it doesn’t mean I have to think it is better than any other. Hell, if we really want a free system we need to be more like Amsterdam and legalize prostitution, and allow drugs to be used, take away the guns from the cops and watch the moral values decline while the violent crime rate drops.

Benjamin M. Dean


The left ad nauseam Rarely have I read a more hate-filled, ignorance-based bunch of bilge than that written by Keni Washington in last week’s NUVO (Cover, “It’s the Credibility, Stupid,” Dec. 29-Jan. 5).

Like many, Mr. Washington is able to throw out ridiculous charges and fails to back them up, such as, “As supplicants to the Bush campaign, black conservative politicians could be seen attempting to suppress votes in Ohio and other places.”

Really, Mr. Washington?? Let’s have names, places, etc. This is nothing more than reciting the lies of the left ad nauseam. I suppose Mr. Washington wanted to “count the votes” of Tinkerbell and other such luminaries which were “registered” in Ohio to carry Kerry to victory. I guess fraud is OK as long as it goes the right way, right Mr. Washington?

Mr. Washington’s slur against black people who honor achievement, want their children educated in good schools with competent teachers, want to keep more of what they earn and are determined to fight the evil that is Muslim-based terrorism is disgraceful.

Like so many others, Mr. Washington tries to slur many conservatives with the “racist” tag. Ronald Reagan took his life in his hands working with Dr. Martin Luther King for social justice. He did a helluva lot more for social justice than the race-bating, hate-spewing of the Keni Washingtons of the world!

No doubt there are still Neanderthals who hate black people because they are black, Mexicans because they are here, Catholics because they have “too many kids,” Jews who “control the world’s finances,” fat people, ugly people, atheists, Christians, Muslims, etc. Fortunately, though, unlike when I was growing up, most people fight such stupidity openly or by disassociating themselves from those exhibiting such sub-human thought.

Lastly, Mr. Washington mentions how Indiana missed joining the Confederacy by five votes and how strong the KKK was here. No doubt, there are still some of those “mental giants” who think that way. What is ironic is that they have so very much in common with the ignorance and hatred spewed forth by Mr. Washington!

John L. Sorg


Calculation and manipulation Every administration has politics (getting power) and policy (using it constructively) but the supremacy of politics over policy in the Bush Administration was shown by its response to the Asian crisis last week. After being chided by the U.N. for its stinginess (a pledge smaller than Spain’s), it set up a consortium with Australia and Japan. Since so many pre-existing organizations already have the appropriate infrastructure in place, one can guess that the intention was to denigrate/marginalize the role of the U.N. “You’re either with us or against us” is what passes for policy in Washington, and the U.N. is on the Bush enemies list for not falling in line on Iraq. Now it looks like attacks on the U.N. and Kofi Annan have to be postponed for a while, so political advantage will be sought by sending the disaster expert Jeb Bush (expect a tidal wave of photo-ops), the presumptive heir to the Bush dynasty after George II, on a “fact-finding” trip (apparently George, who admits to not reading newspapers, has no Internet access as well). Using a natural disaster of this magnitude for political gain has demonstrated calculation and manipulation more cold-blooded than even the usual Karl Rove tactics.

Paul Dubin


Joe Sixpack stadium I don’t know if I am opposed to the building of a new stadium for the Colts, but I do seriously doubt that Bart Peterson and Jim Irsay are being up front about the cost. I have never known a politician who didn’t low-ball a public project. This stadium will be built and the costs will be more than we are being told. And then the taxpayer will get the bill.

After it is up some company will pay a few bucks to the politicians and the stadium will be named after the company. I think it should be named Joe Sixpack stadium since we are going to get stuck with the cost.

During this season, some Christians tried shoving their view of religion down everyone else’s throats. But yet they remain strangely silent when talk of funding the stadium through gambling is mentioned. Isn’t gambling a sin? And whatever happened to Sunday being the Lord’s day? How many Colts fans claim to be Christians, use the Bible as a weapon against anything they don’t like, i.e. homosexuality, yet then show up in mass at the Dome to cheer a game of violence.

I guess for most people it doesn’t matter as long as Manning gets his record.

Nick Ames



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