Kevin Warren is doubling down on his quest to see Gov. Mike Pence removed from office.

Warren began the campaign in 2014 after Pence and the Republican machine tried to ban same sex marriage through a constitutional amendment. He personally purchased and made available to others a yard sign that simply stated “Pence Must Go” in the state’s colors of dark blue and gold. Warren committed to donate the proceeds from the sale of the signs to non-profit organizations that address LGBT issues. The Pence Must Go campaign was quickly organized as a political action committee to bring additional legitimacy to the effort.


The message to remove Pence from office grew in 2015 throughout the RFRA debacle. What started out as a yard sign campaign grew to include t-shirts, bumper stickers and hats along with a variety of messages targeted toward other groups who find Pence less than desirable like teachers and unions.

Now, Warren is kicking off 2016 with two new products designed to increase the reach of his message.

The first is a billboard campaign — The first billboard image is located on East Street between Market and Washington Streets in downtown Indianapolis. Warren says that billboard is the first of what he hopes will be many throughout the city of Indianapolis and across the state.

The second new product in Warren’s arsenal is a bit more up close and personal.

"Mikey", a larger than life wearable puppet, was made to look similar to the governor. Mikey and his "supporters" carry signs that illustrate the things he hates. 

“Just like Mikey from the Life cereal commercials in the ’80s, this Mikey hates everything,” says Warren. “He hates teachers, he hates the environment and of course he hates the gays.”

Currently, Mikey's signs are geared toward LGBT civil rights with messages like, "No wedding cake allowed" and "Sorry, we're closed if you are gay."

Warren says you can expect to see Mikey out and about a lot between now and Election Day. Mikey’s first real outing will be Monday, Feb. 29. The Pence Must Go campaign is organizing a walk from the new billboard location to the Statehouse with a stop on Monument Circle. The “Opposition to Mike Pence” rally will begin at 11:30 a.m.

“This is just the beginning,” says Warren. “We intend to be everywhere.”


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