NUVO's 2016 Cultural Vision Awards

A total of 19 Hoosiers were honored at the 18th annual CVAs

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On Tuesday, June 7, NUVO handed out the 2016 version of our annual Cultural Vision Awards. This year we expanded the field quite a bit: in addition to our CVA Visionaries, we honored two additional “Trailblazers” in the categories of arts, music, screens, sports, food and social justice. We want to shine a light on all the great things happening in Central Indiana, and when we looked around at the wonderful work our neighbors had undertkane, it only made sense to widen the field.

I’ve had some ask me: “Cultural Vision Awards — what exactly does that mean?”

As I have in the past, I like to turn to the dictionary for this, and analyze each word on its own.

Culture: the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time; a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization.

Vision: the ability to see; something that you imagine, a picture that you see in your mind.

Everyone who’s included has had a vision for the culture of Indiana, whether that means helping out a refugee family or making sure Indiana’s best music is committed to vinyl. Some are marking milestones this year: The Naptown Roller Girls just celebrated their ten-year anniversary and the founder of the Indianapolis Children’s Choir, Henry Leck, is hanging up his baton after 30 years.

The people you’re about to meet do something else: they reach across economic, racial and political lines to foster community. While some — especially some who seem only interested in their own self-promotion — try and divide us, the people you’ll meet in the links below seek to unite us.

Lifetime achievement award winner: Henry Leck

Social justice honorees

Arts honorees

Sports honorees

Screen honorees

Food and drink honorees

Music honorees

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