More than $12 million targeted for housing and community development efforts will be headed to Indianapolis as part of the landmark American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), according to the office of Congressman André Carson.

The grant dollars, administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, are designed to put Hoosiers to work improving and modernizing challenged public housing developments, ensuring the health and safety of low-income households and creating more quality, affordable housing opportunities.

"This funding is a great example of what the ARRA was intended to do: create jobs while addressing the real needs of working people and struggling communities," Carson said in a prepared statement. "Up to 7,500 people will experience homelessness in our city this year - a large number of them children - and we have tens-of-thousands of more families and individuals on the brink of homelessness and/or living in unsafe, substandard housing conditions.

"This money puts Hoosiers back to work, both rebuilding lives and neighborhoods."

According to a press release from Carson's office this morning, the infusion of HUD funding includes:

- $5 million in capital funds directed to the Indianapolis Housing Authority to invest in revitalizing challenged public housing units;

- $3.9 million for the City of Indianapolis to provide stable housing to individuals and families who are either homeless or on the brink of homelessness;

- $2.58 million in Community Development Block Grant funding for the city to create economic and housing opportunities for low and moderate income households; and

- $874,500 for Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County to address health hazards and residential safety, especially in low-income housing units.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, passed by Congress February 13 and signed into law by President Obama last week, is designed to create 75,000 jobs across Indiana, including 7,400 in the Seventh Congressional District.

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