Andy Borowitz lampoons politics When Dick Cheney said he’d never met John Edwards before their vice presidential debate, well, that bit of exaggeration was all Andy Borowitz needed to hear. A couple of days later, on his Web site, he posted the fictitious (but hilarious) story headlined “Cheney Admits Going on Camping Trip With Edwards.”

“Mr. Cheney,” Borowitz wrote, “also forgot to mention a visit the two of them made to Disneyland last March.” He went on to quote Edwards, “After all the good times we had together, to hear Dick Cheney act as though he’d never met me — well, I’ve got to tell you, it hurts like hell.”

It’s all in a day’s work for Borowitz, who’ll be in Indianapolis on Sunday to riff about politics, celebrities and more as part of the Block Forum lecture series.

Borowitz traces his knack for writing mock news stories back to his days as president of the Harvard Lampoon, where they’d create satiric editions of the campus newspaper, The Harvard Crimson.

About three and a half years ago, he started writing fake news stories for his friends’ amusement. Rather than deal with e-mailing everyone, Borowitz created his Web site. Soon after, the Wall Street Journal wrote an article on him and the site, and the Borowitz Report went from a little goof to a slice of pop culture consumed by millions.

The things people in the news do “are so ridiculous that it doesn’t require a tremendous amount of invention on my part to turn it into comedy,” Borowitz says.

Who: Andy Borowitz

What: Block Forum lecture series

When: Sunday, Oct. 24, 7:30 p.m.

Where: Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation, 6501 N. Meridian St.

tickets: $20; 317-255-6647 or

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