We get a lot of press releases here at the news desk. A lot of them.

And while most are generated locally, and often come in quite handy, others are good only for a laugh or, in some cases, a shake of the head.

Since President Obama came to power, we've seen a different flurry of press releases begin to come our way from opposition groups decrying the "liberal agenda" and "path to destruction" our country now faces.

My favorites are coming from a particular PR agency which promises to deliver guests for talk shows who are ready, willing and able to slam everything left of Jesus.

When the Minnesota Supreme Court unanimously ruled that Al Franken was, indeed, the winner of the Senate race this week, the PR group offered up Scott Wheeler, "executive director of the National Republican Trust, the third largest conservative political PAC in the US, just behind the NRA" was at the ready.

Wheeler, the agency boasts, is available to "touch briefly on the 32-page unanimous decision by the state?s highest court," but will then explain his plan for "how conservatives can and must quickly reverse the momentum of the rogue liberal change agents currently holding the U. S. government hostage."

When the Climate Bill passed the House last Friday, the agency was immediately ready to offer their help, as well.

"Brace for impact, America. The U.S. House of Representatives just passed the highly controversial energy bill that features the liberals' green Goliath Cap & Trade policy. Now, it moves on to the Senate with the potential to affect virtually every business and household across the country in dramatic ways."

They offered up Rob Roselli "a civil engineer with an environmental studies concentration, who can offer a hard look at the science behind the policy."

And what can you expect if Roselli speaks to your audience? An "indictment of the 'global warming,' now 'climate change,' fear machine [that is] nothing more than a tax scam designed to fund more liberal programs without raising income taxes."

Today, it's public schools and funding cuts that are the target.

"Facing mounting deficits, a growing number of states have eliminated their Summer School programs.??The result? A boom in homeschooling.??"

Homeschooling, according to the agency, is the most Christian of all possible education choices for children and one that experts such as Senior staff member of Christian Liberty Academy, Mike McHugh, and Christian Liberty Pastor Calvin Lindstrom, "leaders in the modern home school movement" are ready to discuss with your audience.

And why would you want these experts to speak on your talk show?

"Home education has been growing consistently over the past three decades as more and more parents gotten disgusted with public schools foisting morally obscene sexual and other teachings upon their children, while their academic performance continues in a veritable state of free fall compared to other developing nations like India."

a. they made the typos, not me.

b. they made the subject/verb agreement error, not me.

c. what the fuck does "foisting morally obscene sexual and other teachings" even mean?

d. really, "...like India?"


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