Manic Panic: Your enviro-PANIQuiz for the week


The ApocaDocs' Pre-Apocalypse News & Info Quiz (PANIQuiz) for the week beginning Monday, Feb 14, tests your knowledge of current environmental news.

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This Week's PANIQuestions (Answers below):

1. Why did a bio-cremation bill in California dissolve?

a. It wasn't as green as purported.

b. It was too "creepy" to get a hearing.

c. Funeral home directors lobbied the legislature.

d. Ghosts disrupted the discussion.

e. It was too green for conservatives.

2. Prompted by Sea Shepherd activism, what has Japan decided to do?

a. Suspend its annual Antarctic whaling.

b. Put whale heads in the beds of the activists.

c. Turn a cheek, but continue whaling.

d. Stuff the activists into the whales' blowholes.

e. Jail the activists.

3. According to the UN's Christiana FIgueres, what should countries be spending at least some of their budgets on?

a. "Treats" for soldiers.

b. Green burials for fallen soldiers.

c. Better propaganda.

d. Reducing carbon emissions.

e. Antibiotics.

4. What fossil fuel have greens fallen out of love with in the recent months?

a. Char

b. Methane from cow burps.

c. Hope

d. Methane from cow farts.

e. Natural gas

5. What did the Cambodian government allow into 'the world's most threatened forest'?

a. Hydraulic fracturing

b. A coal-fired plant

c. A titanium mine

d. A nuclear plant

e. Threatened animals

6. What did researchers demonstrate for the first time that will significantly alter the debate regarding climate change?

a. That climate skeptics are lying.

b. That global warming causes climate skepticism.

c. That climate skeptics are in the pockets of big oil, big coal, etc.

d. That global warming causes extreme weather.

e. That scientists lie for fun and profit.

7. According to Harvard researchers, what are the yearly costs of coal use, when it comes to health, economic and environmental impacts?

a. About half a million dollars.

b. About half a kajillion dollars.

c. About half a billion dollars.

d. About half a trillion dollars.

e. Whatever it is, it's worth it!