Manic Panic: Your enviro-PANIQuiz for the week


The ApocaDocs, Jim and Michael, present the Pre-Apocalypse News & Info Quiz (PANIQuiz) for the week beginning Monday, March 14, to test your knowledge of current environmental events.

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This Week's PANIQuestions (Answers below):

1. Why is wood smoke a concern for human health?

a. Where there's smoke there's fire!

b. It's not a concern, quit trying to make me worry!

c. It's romantic, people have sex = overpopulation!

d. It makes folks hungry and we're running out of food!

e. It contains carcinogenic chemicals!

2. What traditional supporter for Democrats, is now a critic of the Obama administration?

a. Al Gore

b. Labor unions

c. Obama himself

d. Animal rights activists

e. Hollywood

3. According to a recent survey, how are Americans feeling about global warming?

a. The number worried about global warming has fallen.

b. What is global warming?

c. They're feeling, like, pumped.

d. The number worried about global warming has risen.

e. The number worried about global warming has stayed the same.

4. Recently, what has the Arctic suffered a massive loss of?

a. Polar bears

b. Hope

c. Palin appreciators

d. Ice

e. Ozone

5. Why is the EPA proposing new emission standards for power plants?

a. Because they hate capitalism!

b. To piss off the Republicans.

c. Because they are in the pocket of environmentalists.

d. To prevent death and disease in the populace.

e. Because Obama is a Socialist.

6. According to some scientists, how could global warming be causing earthquakes?

a. Population movement due to climate migration is shifting weight.

b. Doom and gloom over global warming is upsetting tectonic plates.

c. Rising sea level gives tectonic plates lubrication.

d. Melting glaciers lighten load on Earth's surface.

e. Hotter mantle makes earth shudder.

7. This week, regarding the environment, what did a House Republican vote indicate?

a. Global warming doesn't exist.

b. The sky is falling.

c. Democrats are an invasive species.

d. The End is Near.

e. Invasive species are good for us.

8. How did Nature characterize the Republicans' denial-driven responses during House subcommittee hearings?

a. 'Freakin' wacky.'

b. 'Sealing our doom.'

c. 'Wilful ignorance.'

d. 'Panderbear pablum.'

e. 'Crazy like a FOX.'