Manic Panic: Your enviro-PANIQuiz for the week



week's Pre-Apocalypse News & Info Quiz (PANIQuiz)

brought to you by Michael and Jim, the ApocaDocs.


out their free book: "Humoring the

Horror of the Converging Emergencies"

This Week's PANIQuestions (Answers below):

1. What do court documents reveal

regarding Shell in the Niger Delta?

a. They were the first to frack in Africa.

b. They refused to share any profits with indigenous peoples.

c. They were fighting for living wages.

d. They paid Nigerian military to suppress protests.

e. They wanted the name changed to Shell Delta.

2. What decision by the US government

are oil companies celebrating?

a. The appointment of an oil man as Energy Czar.

b. The cessation of all support for renewable energy sources.

c. To allow the sale of oil drilling leases in the

Arctic waters.

d. The suspension of all regulations associated with oil drilling.

e. The pursuit of prosecution against BP.

3. What destructive organism has invaded


a. Giant African land snails

b. Quadriparasites

c. Snow birds

d. Asian carp

e. Bi-pedal dolphins

4. Why are people in the South Pacific

bathing in lagoons?

a. Because their baliha'is are hanging low.

b. Perverted government mandate.

c. They've seen it in movies.

d. 'Cause it's sexier.

e. A lack of fresh water.

5. What was Joe Romm,

former assistant energy secretary, referring to

when he said "Sadly, it's probably too late to save much of it"?

a. Obama's presidency

b. Coral reefs

c. Face

d. The Gulf of Mexico

e. Australia

6. In 15 years, how has the birth defect rate in China


a. It's increased 70 percent.

b. It hasn't changed.

c. It's decreased 50 percent.

d. It's increased 30 percent.

e. No one knows, that information is classified!

7. What, according to the World Wildlife

Fund, is "veering close to

ecosystem collapse?"

a. The Great Lakes

b. Donald Trump's hair

c. Planet Earth

d. The Marcellus Shale

e. Nebraskan prairie

8. How much manure can a dairy cow produce in

one day?

a. 140 pounds

b. 80 pounds

c. Enough to fill a hot tub

d. Enough to kill a man

e. Its own weight

9. On a recent Sunday what did the city of Milan do about its smog


a. Prayed.

b. Gave out respirators.

c. Threw a massive "carbon neutrality" parade.

d. Banned cars.

e. Dispatched giant zeppelin vacuum cleaners.


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