Manic Panic: Your enviro-PANIQuiz for the week


The ApocaDocs, Jim and Michael, present the Pre-Apocalypse News & Info Quiz (PANIQuiz) for the week

beginning Monday, March 7, 2011, to test your knowledge of current environmental news.

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This Week's PANIQuestions (Answers below):

1. What, according to scientists, is raising the possibility of "pest storms" in Asia?

a. Scientists' paranoid fantasies.

b. Deforestation across the region.

c. Plagues of locusts, Biblically so.

d. The unbridled manufacture and use of pesticides.

e. Lots of pests, a stormful, really.

2. According to an exec at Peabody, what will make China the "new Middle East"?

a. Sea level rise.

b. China's unlimited oil resources.

c. China's impending revolution.

d. China's vast reserves of coal.

e. Twitter.

3. What does a satellite study indicate is now the largest contributor to sea level rise?

a. Fish overpopulation.

b. Magnetic pole shift.

c. Sinking shorelines.

d. The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets losing mass.

e. Melting permafrost.

4. What has recent research discovered is hastening the melting of the Tibetan Plateau?

a. Research

b. Soot

c. Temporary permafrost

d. Plastic water bottle pollution

e. Mountain climbers

5. What does a new paper say should be done about climate skeptics?

a. We need a new way of talking about climate change.

b. Climate skeptics are mentally deficient and should be talked to like little babies.

c. There's no point in trying to convince anyone of anything anymore.

d. They should be encouraged to colonize Mars.

e. They should be paid to listen to the truth of climate change.

6. What do scientists think caused the massive die-off of sardines in the Redondo Beach marina?

a. Possibly, a combination of all these.

b. Contaminated plankton.

c. A powerful neurotoxin called Domoic acid.

d. Low-oxygen waters.

e. An algal bloom.

7. What did NASA scientists conclude about polar ice loss?

a. It's staying the same.

b. It's accelerating.

c. It's deccelerating.

d. It's a hoax.

e. It causes grief in the ice that remains.

8. What have researchers found banana peels can be useful for?

a. Faux phallus fun.

b. Absorbing sea level rise.

c. Slapstick shenanigans.

d. Low emission woodstove kindling.

e. Pulling heavy metal contaminants from river water.