Ozone season begins in Indianapolis


Getting ready to go to work this morning, I learned it was a Knozone Action Day, wherein the constellation of weather patterns and particulate pollution makes it a particularly noxious day to breathe.

I thought, bummer, another Knozone Action Day.

So I got on my bike and headed for work.

Once again, I had to cross Meridian St. to get to our office. And once again I counted the cars and occupants inside.

I counted about 50 cars. Five of those cars had MORE than one occupant.

That means 90% of you are driving alone.

Aren’t you lonely? Don’t you WISH you could drive to work with someone? Someone to share your cares and joys with?

No? Well then how about trying it out … for the air you breathe?

NUVO joined Central Indiana Commuter Services (CICS) a couple of months ago and they provide carpooling and other opportunities. Once you sign up, you’re in their database and it will match you up with people in your general neighborhood who are leaving around the same time and going to around the same location. The return trip as well.

Worried you’ll be stranded at work w/out a car? They have an Emergency Ride Home Service — free taxi service, in other words, when something comes up.

Go to www.327ride.net and check it out. Or call 327-RIDE.

On Knozone Action Day, you can go into action mode, instead of in-action mode.


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