Indy teachers, schools, get millions in federal money


  • Image via Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday's news that Barack Obama signed a long-awaited (and much-needed) federal stimulus bill for schools was good news, indeed.

The bill, which had been sitting in legislative limbo since April, funnels $26 billion in rescue funds to teachers, police and other public employees nationwide.

A report by WRTV breaks down what it means for Indiana teachers:

The plan contains more than $434 million for Indiana, with about $207 million going to schools to keep teachers and other employees from being laid off or to rehire those who already have been.

Congressional budget analysts estimate the education money will be enough to rehire 3,100 teachers in Indiana.

The Indiana State Teachers' Association said that's about the number of teachers who have been laid off so far this year.

That's incredible news for teachers. Just imagine if the teachers union and state Department of Education could also get their acts together to apply for federal Race to the Top funds as well. We could even make improvements to schools instead of reductions. It's a hell of a thought.

Too bad they already dropped the ball on that one this year — to the tune of up to $250 million that could have been used to help our state's students.

Sorry, kids. Screwing up your futures is a grown-up thing — you wouldn't understand.


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