More on the water company  Dear Mr. McKinney:Over the past two years, NUVO has repeatedly printed inaccurate information about our business and our operations, not only here in Indianapolis, but globally. We have, on several occasions, provided Jack Miller with factual information, but rarely has it appeared in any of his stories. His most recent article, “Problems Plague Indy’s Water Company” (April 7-14), is another example of inaccurate reporting of the facts. In the past two years, the partnership between the City of Indianapolis and Veolia Water Indianapolis, LLC has accomplished the following:

• Rate stability for five years

• Significant water quality improvements

• A $1.8 million investment in the community, which includes an investment in IUPUI to work on watershed protection, research and education programs

• Significant customer service improvements

• The establishment of a MBE/WBE Program that has become a model for others

• Capital investments

• Increased community involvement

None of these facts fit very neatly into any Jack Miller story. But the public should certainly be informed as we continue to provide our customers with safe, reliable, high-quality drinking water for many years to come.

Tim Hewitt

President & operations manager Veolia Water Indianapolis, LLC

An outrageWeek after week I go to concerts, and week after week I read the reviews that NUVO publishes. I believe it is a shame that your newspaper publishes Tom Aldridge’s reviews. Not only are they biased, but extremely ignorant. I do not know what kind of background he has, but his articles show a great deal of ignorance of what music is all about.

Doesn’t he know that music does not have to be “pleasant” in order to be “good music”?

This bias comes up every time he reviews a piece of contemporary music. The one-star rating of the Indianapolis Symphony concert that included Shostakovich’s Symphony No.4 was an outrage. As an avid concert-goer and a musicologist, I can say that was one of the best performances I have heard from the ISO. At least the New York Times gave them a good review … It is embarrassing for a city like Indianapolis to have such incompetent people reviewing great performances.

Laura Barcelo


Something specialTerrific interview with Rupert (Cover, “The Real Rupert,” May 19-26). He made Survivor: Pearl Islands and All-Stars something special, and I’m glad we voting him the $1 million. He deserved it. You know when the new Survivor starts in September that Rupert is going to be missed.

Jim Kingman

Pasadena, Calif.

Rupert on• Rupert is a self-centered, arrogant, greedy idiot. I don’t understand why everyone loves him. He physically attacked Jon Fairplay on Survivor: PI when he voted against Rupert. Mr. “Gentle Giant” should have been disqualified for that! Physically threatening other players (half your size) to not vote against you? Is that the way the game should be played? Ridiculous.

Posted by booboo

• If it were a true “survivor” — “Jonny Fairplay” would have been gutted and sent to sleep with the fishes for being a self-centered, arrogant and a greedy idiot.

Posted by Ilama 

• Rupert was great. He made Survivor: Pearl Islands a terrific show to follow, and I’m glad he made it as far as he did in Survivor: All-Stars. His winning the 1 million in America’s Tribal Council is just icing on the cake. He deserved it.

Posted by Jim Kingman

• Rupert is awesome … I’m glad he won the 1 million … go Rupert go ...

Posted by myasha 

• I am personally very proud that Indiana has their own star from Survivor. Rupert has brought a real sense of ownership to the show for the Hoosiers. I am one of the people who was fortunate enough to get a signed letter and photograph from Rupert. It’s nice to see that stardom hasn’t affected one of our own. Good for you, Rupert. You deserve the vote of “most loved Survivor!” BRAVO MY MAN! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Posted by Gary Nelson 

• Rupert is a great guy. I hope future Survivor contestants look up to the respect and integrity that Rupert portrayed in the game. Rupert is living proof that even through all the lying and distrust that is the essence of Survivor, there are still people who can maintain their integrity as a person.

Posted by tyler 

• He definitely did not deserve to win a million dollars. He may be a “nice” guy in real life, but he was a terrible Survivor player; he doesn’t understand the game. And he didn’t get screwed, he deserved to be voted out.

Posted by Scott 

• I am glad Rupert won the big bucks. I think Fairplay was a weak, lying, smug and rotten s.o.b. as well as being an idiot who flashed gang signs all the time. Question: Did anyone, cast or crew, face danger from sharks or poisonous creatures on the different shoots and were there safety divers in the water for the underwater shots in case of sharks or sea snakes?

Posted by doug

• Excellent interview! I absolutely love Rupert and everything he stands for. I get so mad when I see someone post negative things about him, kinda makes you think, what kind of person are they who hate values and honesty? Kinda makes you think doesn’t it? Go Rupert!!!

Posted by Barbie 

• This is a message to all those who wonder why everyone loves Rupert. He gives a lot of love and support to the less fortunate in his community. My hat goes off to him. For any person to be able to be like him, they would have a big heart and would be far off from being self-centered. Any self-centered, greedy idiot wouldn’t be able to do the work that Rupert has done for his community for this many years. It takes a special person to do what he does on a daily basis. Please, judgmental people, do your research before judging him or anyone else. In other words, this man is amazing. By the way, the time Jonny Fairplay was joking about his grandmother dying, my mother just died a week prior from cancer at an early age of 54. I did not find this funny at all. If anyone should have been disqualified, it should have been him. Not that I am here to judge him; I am just here to share my opinion, he just went too far.

Posted by TMV 

• This was a great article. I have read about Rupert since I first saw him on Pearl Islands. My children even picked up on Rupert’s genuine love for people and living things in general. All of my children cried when he was voted off both times. They then cried when he won the million. My 7-year-old climbed up in my lap and wished she could hug RUPERT. My 9-year-old every day asks for updates on his new wealth. Rupert, you have touched my family with your wonderful, genuine nature, you are an unforgettable soul.

Posted by Deborah Johnson 

• I want Rupert and his family to know how happy I am that Rupert won the million. I had to go out of town so did not hear the news. It is wonderful to see an honest good-hearted man have money that he will use wisely and be sure to give to his loved ones. My grandchildren rooted for you as I did all through both Survivors. I hope we hear more about you. Best wishes and LOVE.

Posted by Kay Hurst 

Dinner salad investigationsCan I just say that the whole NUVO-on-the-net thing has been the best discovery I’ve made since I moved here last fall? And speaking of discovery, I appreciate Mr. Kirts’ Sherlock Holmes-style investigations into dinner salads (Cuisine, “Guido Goes South,” May 26-June 2). I don’t know why these places keep thinking they can pull the “bag” under our eyes, but shredded carrots, combined with hearty chunks, is a dead give-away. I had a chance to sample the tiramisu and agree about the lack of alcohol; I recommend ordering a shot of your favorite liqueur on the side. Can’t wait to try the mixed berry tart, “more a moist cake than a tart.” I feel like the reviewer knows me!

Posted by Flora Belle