Welcome to NUVO’s annual double issue!

On one side of our “flipped” issue, you’ll find an expansive look back at 2014.

Our editors and contributors distilled what they thought were the big stories or trends over the past year. Marriage equality and LGBT rights dominated our news pages for months. (See below.) We'll be linking to those essays on the arts, food and music, too, over the next week.

Additionally, we’re quite aware that there’s more happening in Indy beyond New Year’s parties, and we’ve provided a complete guide of music and arts events beyond Dec. 31.

The year in news 2014

The big story: marriage equality. Read Amber Stearns' recap.

The year in LGBT advancements

Sure, there were some setbacks as well as good news. Doug Whitinger has the roundup.

The year in visual arts

NUVO's art reviewer Dan Grossman looks back at 2014.

The year in theater

Here's Hope Baugh's recap of the year on stage.

The year in world music in Indy

Kyle Long — whose Cultural Manifesto is both a NUVO column and a radio show on the WFYI family of stations — explores the influence of global sounds here at home in 2014.

The year in sex

Dr. Debby Herbenick of the Kinsey Institute says we're still working on the basics, alas.

The year in sports

Indiana’s good, bad, and ugly – the top (and bottom?) ten sports stories of 2014, as seen by Kent Sterling.

The year in local music

NUVO's Kat Coplen found 2014 to be, at times, transcendent.

Th year in ag — versus dining

David Hoppe looks at new food Indy and old food Indiana.

The year in film

Local festivals? We got 'em. Scott Shoger has the reviews.

The environmental year in review

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, says Renee Sweaney.

The year in food

Jolene Ketzenberger's take? 2014 was a foodie's paradise.