A community that takes ideas seriously Shambra Goodpastor — I wish I had a name like that. What an amazing group of folks (Cover, “Solidarity,” Nov. 10-17). Brilliant. The name anarchist is not nearly as creepy as what the feds did in the name of a fire inspection. Injustice aside, their vision of community makes me want to sit and learn. Which is exactly what I plan to do if I can find the books on Hugh’s reading list. (Which is not listed on the NUVO Web site but is in the paper.) Posters outside of Paper Matches Bookstore question facts and social conventions of the American zeitgeist. The article makes me want to sell my suburban track home and move to the Fountain Square area, get a job in the city and just ride my bike to work and to large neighborhood pot lucks. Not because it’s cool but because I deeply long for a community that takes ideas seriously.

To quote Gwen. “It is vital to connect all the parts of our lives — from the way we eat, to the way we move ourselves from one place to another, to the jobs we work, to the ideals we espouse, to the relationships we maintain — into a community.”

I am hooked. Thanks NUVO for putting them on the cover. Otherwise I would have thought my deepest desires impossible. And congrats to NUVO on your Green Business Award (Dispatch, “Start the Presses,” Nov. 10-17)! That’s an amazing savings of trees!

Now that’s connecting your actions to your ideals! I think I will quit picking up the INTake as a way of connecting my actions to my ideals and begin creating the solidarity I long for.

In the words of Ralph Nader, “Information leads to activism.”

Posted by Tim Gapinski


Nevermind You know I thought about rubbing it in that the Elephants are on parade, but why bother. I am going to tell you I DID NOT VOTE AT ALL. Why you ask? I felt neither candidate was qualified for the job. To me most Christians are idiots anyway. If God were on watch the U.S. wouldn’t be fucked politically and socially because everyone would still be saying God bless America and mean it, not like it’s some cool thing to do nowadays. Same as the flag wavers.

It amazes me that it takes a national tragedy to unite these people within our nation. The Constitution needs some SERIOUS evaluating. You think the people who started this nation thought it was going to be in the shape it is now, BIG SPENDING? This country was made by the man for the man not for the rich man. And if this was Gore being re-elected you’d probably be asking yourself to have back those 2Pac CDs (or better yet Prince) ’cause Tipper would be in there “making it safe” for every boy and girl who worships Eminem.

These are just some views. Don’t take them serious, hell, no one does. So in the words of Kurt Cobain … Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

Donny “Cabrini” Greene


I-69 poll I want to let you know that it would be irresponsible for you to publish results from your poll regarding whether Gov.-elect Mitch Daniels ought to reconsider the I-69 issue (www.nuvo.net). In fact, the way in which the poll is being conducted is irresponsible in and of itself.

I noticed the poll does not make any effort to check whether a person has previously voted before registering a new vote. It would be simple to use a session cookie with a browser and only slightly more difficult to register IP addresses to check against.

When the issue is as contentious as I-69 and there are people on both sides who are willing to game the system and overstate the importance of the outcome, you need to undertake measures to ensure you are registering an accurate representation. I know that online polls are unscientific, but it is another thing altogether to not implement even nominal controls on voting.

Nick Hansen


Note: NUVO’s Web poll was updated half-way through the I-69 polling time. Now, only one vote per household will be allowed.

Battle of gentlemen I read your piece in the NUVO every week. I usually get mad at the things you suggest or say. However, this week your article offers a real suggestion, and some hope for all of us (Hammer, “After the Election,” Nov. 10-17). I hope the next four years go well for the country. I hope we can return to a day when politics was a battle of gentlemen. The tone of this election and at least the one previous have put up a terrible rift in the country.

I would like to wish you personally a happy holiday season. Should I happen to catch you in a pub hopefully we can put aside our political differences and you will allow me to buy you a round.

Take it easy.

Lars Noldan


Wake-up call I hope that the resounding victories by the GOP on Tuesday will be a wake-up call for the Democrats. Maybe they’ll learn a few things, such as: 1) The majority of voters do NOT think like Liberals! 2) Michael the Hut, Whoopi and the rest of the Loony Left should be told to SHUT THE HELL UP!! 3) Partial-birth abortion IS infanticide and should be outlawed ASAP! 4) Tax money is OUR money, not the government’s, and we know BEST how to spend it! 5) Unless you are a Muslim, the terrorists want you DEAD, and cannot be reasoned with! 6) Most people believe in God, and worship Him, NOT senators or congressmen! Perhaps the Dems will realize that they should be more like Sen. Bayh rather than EX-Sen. Daschle. (Man, do I LOVE writing that!!) But I doubt it.

David Seay


You are arrogant LOL! You speak of redoubling efforts to educate the public (First Person, “Don’t Mourn. Organize,” Nov. 10-17)! Therein lies the problem. You are arrogant enough to think it is incumbent upon you to educate the public. I would say that you might want to open your eyes and ears and receive the education the public has been offering to you for years but you have ignored. This is why you have steadily lost seats in the House and Senate for years and the White House for two terms. You still believe you are not getting your message out, but you are. Americans are not resonating to your message. YOU need to LEARN that!

Posted by Professor


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