Jim Poyser

Muslims miffed over

disrespectful cartoons in

Gaza comic strip

Bush won't surrender

spy documents so we'll just

have to spy on him

filibusted, Dems

had to swallow Sam - goes down

smooth but has a bite

as the rest of us

walk Exxon, Shell are swimming

in thick rich profit

Bush still smokin' 'em

out of their caves only he's

failin' to nail 'em

mines closed to find out

why miners have become so

many canaries

us chicken littles

worry Indy bank sale will

cause the sky to fall

Wal-Mart faces law

suit for not carrying the

morning after kill

while Blair is noting

global warming NASA is

silencing science

fabrications made

story better, says James Frey

... they usually do


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