Haiku News


Gov Haley Barbour

grants clemency to pretty

much the entire state

handcuffed Hoosier steals

police squad car, escapes like

a real Hoosini

half a million Ford

SUVS are recalled for

being way too hot!

animal rights clique

destroys 14 tractor rigs

on behalf of pigs

Iran nuclear

scientist atomically


Rockport power plant

one of the country's worst, a

global warming's pal

it's now five minutes

until a midnight we can

ne'er recover from

Ninth Symphony is

Silenced by ringtone of a

iPhone Philistine

it's no wonder Ho

Hos, Ding Dongs, Twinkies maker

files for bankruptcy

hospital patients

complain Jay Z, Beyonce's

babe cuter than theirs

we're in trouble if

albino buffalo mates

with rare white penguin