prayers unanswered for

coal miners, canaries who could

not take wing in time

Munchkin actor in

"Wizard of Oz" is really

most sincerely dead

the economy

improves but new jobs are still

as scarce as hen's teeth

Oprah to take her

show to people who don't laze

'round at home all day

asteroid flew by

close enough for doomers to

find a way off earth

more unemployed now

searching for jobs at fewer

Indy libraries

underdogs worldwide

wag tails in support of Brad

Stevens' decision

Pope, when he was a

Pre-Pope, procrastinated

packing pedophile

trying to keep track

of GOP and Brizzi

just makes me dizzy!

Wisconsin DA

wants to take sex ed back to

dark days of veiled love

big Masters ratings

suggest Woods should get into

trouble more often