Haiku News: Cordray appointed


how can we defeat

Gadhafi if we can't spell

his name same way twice?

not to be left out

North Pole now joins South Pole in

the Ozone Hole Club

taking Saturday

off won't help Post Office keep

from going postal

that the air traffic

controller slept at Reagan

airport is too apt

if he hadn't screwed

PATCO maybe there would have

been coffee brewing

all across US

GOP is sure teeching

teechers a lessun

Kansas Rep suggests

illegal immigrants be

shot like hogs — oy vey!

a Hoosier Senate

Committee wastes time giving

a shit who weds whom

Jordan Dance closes

no more pointe shoes and tutus

capes or pas de deux

Butler in Final

Four again; behold the grit

of underbluedogs


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