Haiku News: Cordray appointed


hurray! power has

been handed to those with guns,

tanks...what could go wrong?

fracking for oil gives

middle finger to Middle

East but could wreck earth

the Arctic Sea ice

level is lowest ever

recorded — we're sunk!

Alaskan parks are

threatened by climate change; there's

mud on Palin's face

Bloomberg should have been

stingy with his words instead

of gaff 'bout Irish

perjury case for

Barry Bonds may result in

some extra innings

conservative straw

poll gives Daniels four percent;

must not be their man

Facebook and Google's

desires to purchase Twitter

will be re-tweeted

dozens sickened at

Playboy mansion — must be the

smell of sex, money

like mass media

I'll waste precious syllables

on Lindsay Lohan