Grants for green initiatives

Eagle Creek Park in the fall. Photo by Paula Henry, via Wikimedia Commons

  • Eagle Creek Park in the fall. Photo by Paula Henry, via Wikimedia Commons

Here at NUVO HQ, we get press releases all day, every day, about the latest goings on — on everything from city infrastructure enhancements to the latest breakthroughs in male enhancement.

But in the ebb and flow of my inbox, I've noticed a positive trend lately: it seems our local and state offiicials are stepping up in small, consistent ways to make our city and state a little greener.

Along those lines, I figured a little public service was in order, to highlight a few grant opportunitiess that that would provide money for local greening efforts.

The first would help with water quality, among other things:

The City of Indianapolis’ Office of Sustainability and United Water have partnered to announce that applications are available for the Green Infrastructure Grant Program. This year, $100,000 in funding will be granted to organizations who utilize green infrastructure projects designed to improve water quality and reduce storm water runoff.

United Water has committed $400,000 to the program over a 4 year period beginning in 2008.

The Green Infrastructure Grant applications are being accepted through September 24. Grants are available to organizations committed to efforts in sustainable development within Marion County.

The maximum grant amount awarded will be $20,000 and a match is required for the grant. Applications are available at and

Here's another one for encouraging tree planting around the state:

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry has $121,831 in grant funds available to municipalities and non-profits for public tree inventories and tree planting projects. The funds are part of the 2010 Put the Trees Back program.

Cities, towns, and non-profits can request funds ranging from $2,500 to $20,000. Projects must show an equal match, which can be a mix of cash and in-kind services. All projects must be in an urban area or in an area being impacted by sprawl, and all trees must be planted on public property.

The urban forestry dollars for this grant are part of a 2010 grant awarded to the Community and Urban Forestry (CUF) program by the USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Area. The deadline for application is Nov. 15. For more information, contact Pam Louks, CUF Coordinator at (317) 591-1170,

In recent news, we've found the state and city anteing up well for green initiatives. Earlier this month, some 11 companies statewide were granted $2.2 million for energy efficiency upgrades as part of the Conserving Hoosier Industrial Power (CHIP) grant program.

Just last week, The Indiana Recycling Market Development Board doled out $500,000 in grants to three in-state recycling companies, and a fourth that will invest in the state because of the grant. The grants required matching funds from the recipients, bringing the total investment in Indiana recycling to almost $10 million.

NUVO has always tried to encourage this kind of forward thinking, and it feels good to be able to give credit to the Daniels, Ballard and Obama administrations, and the countless folks behind these initiatives — for doing the right thing by spending our tax dollars in ways that ensure a better, more sustainable future.


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