Global climate change as serious business

Ten major U.S. businesses and four national environmental organizations issued a joint report this week calling on the federal government to quickly pass strong national legislation to cut global warming pollution.

The companies involved in the announcement are well-known Fortune 500 corporations: Alcoa, BP America, Caterpillar, Duke Energy, DuPont, Florida Power and Light, General Electric, Lehman Brothers, Pacific Gas & Electric and PNM Resources.

They have joined Environmental Defense, the World Resources Institute, Pew Center on Global Climate Change and Natural Resources Defense Council to form an unprecedented alliance: the United States Climate Action Partnership (US-CAP).

In the announcement, the partners pledged to work together to support six recommendations for national action:

Account for the global dimensions of climate change: The U.S. government should become more involved in international agreements to fight global warming.

Recognize the importance of technology: The cost-effective deployment of existing energy efficient technologies should be a priority.

Be environmentally effective: Establish a mandatory cap that guarantees emissions will be cut and other measures to facilitate reaching the needed targets.

Create economic opportunity and advantage: A climate protection program must use the power of the market to establish clear targets and timeframes.

Be fair: Global warming solutions must account for the disproportionate impact of both global warming and emissions reductions on some economic sectors, geographic regions and income groups.

Encourage early action: Prior to the effective date of mandatory pollution limits, every reasonable effort should be made to reduce emissions.

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