Citizens against Citizens United

Protestors decried the Citizens United ruling last Friday in front of the Birch Bayh Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse.


Note: We asked the organizers of last

week's Occupy the Courts rally to blog about the experience. What follows is an

edited version of the report submitted by event organizers and participants.


hit the streets across the nation last Friday to mark the second anniversary of

the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling, which granted corporations

the same constitutional rights as U.S. citizens.


Indianapolis, Move To Amend, Public


, and Indiana

Alliance for Democracy

collaborated to rally in front of the Birch

Bayh Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse

on the Ohio Street side.


bone-chilling temperatures, the people marched for hours, handing out

informative pamphlets and letters, and collecting signatures on a petition to

overturn the ruling.


petition was to amend the constitution to state that only people have rights,

not inhuman corporations, and that paid speech is not free speech," said

protestor John Northerner. "There

were similar protests in 130 cities in 46 states.


know, corporations cannot join the military, vote in elections, serve on jury

duty, or even go to jail. The idea that they are people is as

preposterous as the idea that paid speech is free."


what they call "a fight for democracy," protestors picketed and chanted,

"Corporations are NOT people."


political contributions as a protected form of free speech, as the Supreme

Court did on Jan. 21, 2010, will allow ultra-wealthy interests to undermine the

democratic process and the American Republic, opponents of the ruling argue.

"Everyone from the police to Homeland Security to the

federal employees to the citizens on the street were encouraging and supportive

of our cause," said Cheri Monroe, one of the event organizers.

"Many thanked us for our hard work and for representing true



argued that local communities need protection against domination by large

corporations free to funnel millions into SuperPACs that will result in the

unfair influence over the election of local politicians and judges. In short,

they said, the decision tips the scales of influence in favor of business and

to the detriment of citizens.


find ourselves in a time when we feel the need to petition to legalize

democracy," Monroe said.


little to no support or news coverage on our passionate stance for an America

of, for, and by The People, we protesters find ourselves having to buy permits

to take to the streets and by sheer numbers, overwhelm the courts today.We are a success because it takes real

courage to stand for your convictions.For every one of us there are 100 people who wanted to be here but had

to work."


effort garnered 55 signatures, Northerner said, "even thought it was the

coldest day of the new year at that time and we were competing with

simultaneous protests at the State House against the deceptively named

right-to-work bill and the Eliminating Hygiene Standards bill HB1006."


more information, or to sign a petition visit



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