CDC: Sexual violence widespread

This license plate generates funding to benefit programs throughout Indiana that provide services, care and treatment to victims of sex crimes.

Approximately one in five women have been raped at some

point in their lives, according to a survey conducted by the Centers for

Disease for Control.

The National

Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey

, or NISVS, is the first of its

kind, providing both state and national estimates.

Other national findings from the survey:

-Twenty-four people every minute are victims of rape, physical

violence or stalking — more than 12 million a year.

-One in four women have been severely physically abused

by an intimate partner.

In Indiana, over 20 percent of women have been raped in

their lifetime and over 43 percent have experienced other sexual violence,

according to the Indiana

State Department of Health's

analysis of the survey data.

"All these numbers are sad indeed," said Katie

O'Bryan, director of prevention education at the Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

"They just validate all of the work that we do to prevent these crimes

from ever occurring."

Women aren't the only victims of these crimes either.

Nationally, one in seven men have been physically abused by

an intimate partner and more than one-quarter of male rape victims were first

raped before they were 10.

Over 25 percent of Hoosier men have experienced sexual

violence other than rape, according to ISDH.

"I think that men experiencing intimate violence just

goes to show that everyone is at risk," O'Bryan said.

She added that in order to prevent this type of violence

from increasing, everyone needs to do their part.

"If we see some behavior that's not right, we can step

in and say something," O'Bryan said. "Some people might think, 'Oh,

it's none of my business.' Well, it is your business."