IndyFeral fights cat overpopulation

The IndyFeral cat food bank is running low, prompting the non-profit organization to hold a food drive to help restock the reserve. IndyFeral is seeking cat food donations for the many feral cat colonies they maintain. Dry or moist donations can be dropped off at pet stores around the city (see sidebar for locations). The food drop-off locations are also listed on the IndyFeral Web site,

The food will be used exclusively for feral/free-roaming cats. These cats are generally not socialized and are unable to live in a typical home. Outdoor cats need additional nutrition, so donations of kitten food and canned food would be especially welcome at this time of the year.

Feral and abandoned cats are the result of irresponsible pet owners who fail to spay or neuter their cats and allow them to roam freely. Many colonies throughout Indianapolis depend on this food, along with the long-term care and shelters IndyFeral provides.

Some people consider stray/feral cats as pests, dangerous or a nuisance and, as a result, think it is acceptable to harm them, ignore them by “letting nature take its course” or kill them. Some believe that feral cats lead short, miserable lives and should be killed for their own good to protect them from any future hardship they may suffer.

IndyFeral holds these views as cruel, inhumane and unacceptable; through their TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program, IndyFeral hopes to both reduce the stray pet population and help improve the health of feral cats in the city.

In addition to reducing the number of free-roaming cats, IndyFeral also seeks to improve the lives of these cats and create a better understanding and awareness. The current “solutions” of ignoring the cats or paying to have them killed at shelters and animal control facilities have been in use for decades. In spite of this, the cat overpopulation problem is worse than ever.

Cat food bank drop-off locations

Indianapolis-area Pet Supplies “Plus” Stores

• Greenwood at 8810 S. Emerson

• Broad Ripple at 2238 Broad Ripple Ave.

• Westside at 7190 Rockville Road

• Noblesville at 521 Noble Creek Drive

Indianapolis-area Petco Stores

• Greenwood at 7565 U.S. Highway 31 South

• Carmel at 2208 E. 116th St.

• Fishers at 8644 E. 96th St.

• Speedway at 6020 Crawfordsville Road

• Broad Ripple at 7225 N. Keystone Ave.


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