NUVO wins 11, including four first place

The annual Society of Professional Journalism’s statewide contest of journalistic excellence netted NUVO 11 awards. The awards were presented in a ceremony on Friday, April 28, at the Indianapolis Marriott North, in a gathering comprised of television, radio and print journalists. Congratulations to all the winners:

Best Deadline Reporting (non-daily newspaper, statewide):

Second place: Laura McPhee, Lucas Klipsch and Chris Moffat (“God Hates Gays”)

Third place: Laura McPhee (“Church and State”)

Best Non-deadline Reporting (non-daily newspaper, statewide):

First place: Rebecca Berfanger (“Living with AIDS”)

Best Investigative Reporting(non-daily newspaper, statewide):

First place: Laura McPhee (“For Sale”) Second place:

Mary Lee Pappas (“Dead Meat”)

Best Editorial Cartoon (all publications):

Third place: Wayne Bertsch (“Last Call”)

Best Sports Reporting (non-daily newspaper or magazine, statewide):

Second place: Steve Hammer (“The Mystery of Ron Artest”)

Best Critique/Review — A&E, food (non-daily newspaper or magazine, statewide):

First Place: Ed Johnson-Ott (“Born Into Brothels”)

Best Personality Profile (non-daily newspaper or magazine, statewide):

Second place: Steve Hammer (“In Her Own Image”)

Best Social Justice Reporting(any publication of circulation exceeding 40,000):

First place: Laura McPhee (“The Conscience Clause”)

Best Layout/Design other than page one (non-daily newspaper, statewide):

Third place: Lydia Whitehead (“The Cannabis Cure”)

Webby Award nominations

Speaking of staff and freelance awards, the Webby Awards, the leading international honor for Web sites, has nominated “Not Seen Not Heard” for the Best Student Web site of 2006 ( The site was created by Christopher Podell and Zachary Shields, who was a recent NUVO intern and is currently a freelance photographer and videographer for us. Winners will be announced on May 9, and honored at The 10th Annual Webby Awards in New York City on June 12.

The Webby Awards are determined by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, a global organization with a membership that includes musician David Bowie, Internet inventor Vinton Cerf, Naked Chef Jamie Oliver, The Body Shop president Anita Roddick, Simpsons creator Matt Groening, Real Networks CEO Rob Glaser and fashion designer Max Azria.

If you’d like you can participate in the People’s Voice Award. You can register to vote at