Haiku News: Cordray appointed


Mmmm…. Those locally grown bicycles are yummy! No wait! You don’t EAT bicycles at Bicycle Day, you bring your bicycle to the Winter Farmers Market, 901 N. East St. on Saturday, April 17, and get it some tender loving care. Local bike mechanic Chris Hartley will be on hand for tune ups and whatnot (see below), and bicycle related organizations like IndyCog, Pedal & Park, Free Wheelin' Bicycle Cooperative, Health by Design, CIBA and Bicycle Indiana will be present as well, answering all your bicycle questions, no matter how esoteric or obvious.

Cue Aaron Copland style orchestra swell: C’mon folks, let’s make 2010 THE year for bicycles. Get yer sprockets on and get in the game. Put the car away! As we’ll suggest in next week’s Green Guide: DIVORCE your car altogether.

Your relationship was fine for a while, but it’s time to move on.

Plus, you don’t have to MARRY your bicycle, just get involved with it. Live in happy sin with it.

And Bicycle Day is a great way to make sure your new honeybun is in fining riding shape. As you will be after a few weeks or months of pedaling around.

Drop off your bike between 9:30 and 12:30 and pick it up later that afternoon. Services include (for only $30 — parts extra, cobweb removal offered a la carte free of charge):

Brake adjustment

Shifting adjustment

Lubricate the drive-train

Adjust headset and bottom bracket

Patch flats and inflate tires

Cobweb removal

Plus, a comprehensive safety inspection to make sure you are ready to ride.

For more info: www.indywinterfarmersmarket.org