"The following is a press release from the Bloomington Bioneers people:

Indiana University will host the 5th Bioneers Satellite Conference on the IU campus. The conference in Bloomington will be held in the School of Fine Arts' Auditorium and adjacent seminar rooms on the afternoon of Friday, October 19, and all day Saturday and Sunday, October 20 and 21. All sessions are free and open to the public. Donations will be accepted.

Bloomington is one of 18 sites nationwide that joins visionaries and entrepreneurs gathering for the 18th Annual Bioneers Conference (www.bioneers.org) in San Rafael, California. Other cities in the network include Anchorage, Baltimore, Boulder, Bozeman, Carbondale, Cleveland, Detroit, Grinnell, Houston, Logan, Marion, Santa Fe, Seattle, Spokane, Traverse City, and Turlock, CA. Bioneers is an organization dedicated to envisioning solutions to problems of social injustice, environmental degradation, food safety, racism, sexism, and healthcare and encourages community development, sustainable practices, and the preservation of cultural diversity.


ROOTS will provide finger foods and beverages all three days - please show your support for this community restaurant!


JAY HARTMAN: Designing the Next Golden Age: A Progress Report - Award winning author, entrepreneur and CEO of PAX Scientific offers examples of highly efficient technologies inspired by natural systems that can help us create prosperity without degrading the biosphere.

JUDY BACA: The Interactive Digital Mural: A Tool for Social Reconciliation from the Local to the Global - World-renowned Los Angeles muralist and community arts leader unleashes the power of public art to transform societies.

JUDY WICKS: Local Living Economies: Green Fair and Fun - Fabled entrepreneur and activist tells her story of moving beyond responsible business practices to working cooperatively with other entrepreneurs and citizens to build whole economies on love of nature and community.

JOHN ABRAMS: Thinking like Cathedral Builders - Business needs bold new stories. Author, designer/builder and community activist explains how equal doses of freedom, hope, outrageous behavior and long-term thinking can open the way to a durable and successful future.

VAN JONES: Toward a Green Growth Alliance Birthing a New Politics - It is the chief moral obligation of our time to build a green economy strong enough to left people out of poverty. Activist and founder of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights urges us to carry our spiritual, cultural and economic movements into the electronic arena to transform politics and forge a green New Deal"" coalition so that kids who are now prison fodder will help create a zero-pollution economy, harvest the sun and heal the land.

FRIDAY EVENING 7 - 9 PM IN THE FINE ARTS AUDITORIUM, DOM NOZZI, AUTHOR OF ROAD TO RUIN and executive director of Walkable Streets will speak about the causes of sprawl and what can be done about it.

SATURDAY, FROM 10 O'CLOCK TO NOON IN THE FINE ARTS AUDITORIUM FOOD SECURITY PANEL will be moderated by Michael Simmons who will provide some information concerning the definition of food security (which is locally grown, healthy, culturally appropriate food at affordable prices), and what other cities are doing to prepare for any food crises.

The Participants are:

Maggie Sullivan Middleway House grant

Bobbi Boos Local Grower's Guild

Brooke Gentile Mother Hubbard's Cupboard and Plant a Row.

Marcia Veldmann, Farmer's Market

Tim Clougher Community Kitchen

Questions will be solicited from the audience.


PAUL ANASTAS; Green Chemistry: From Here to Sustainability

The ""father of green chemistry"" explains that moving toward a sustainable civilization depends on major changes taking place in the nature of our products, processes and systems. Green chemistry seeks to transform many of the materials that are the basis of our society - from clothes to housing, communications, agriculture and energy - to ensure they are as benign as possible to the planet and all its inhabitants.

MAJORA CARTER: Green the Ghetto

A leading figure in the environmental justice movement and founder of the groundbreaking organization, Sustainable South Bronx, offers her vision of what we must do to green our inner cities so that we can reclaim our birthright - healthy communities with clean air and water, and access to open spaces.

EVON PETER: An Indigenous Perspective on How to Survive the Next Hundred Years

The chairman of Native Movement and former chief of the Neetsaii Gwich'in from Arctic Village in northeastern Alaska dives into traditional knowledge, spiritual understanding and common sense as tools for helping to heal and transform humanity.

EVE ENSLER: V to the 10th

Award-winning playwright and worldrenowned women's rights activist tracks the extraordinary global trajectory of the ""V-Day"" movement over the last decade and shares her visions for the next ten years - helping women all over the world obtain peace, power and pleasure.

EDWARD TICK: Return of the Ghost Dancers: Modern War's Devastation...and Healing

The psychotherapist who has been working with survivors of war, violence and trauma for over 30 years, surveys the true extent and costs of modern technological warfare, its resulting spiritual and ecological crises, and the possibility of healing individuals, nations and the planet through spiritual, cultural


WALLACE J. NICHOLS: A Brave New Ocean, or an Ocean Revolution?

Senior scientist at the Ocean Conservancy and ocean activist extraordinaire explains how space-based research and new deep sea technologies have resulted in an explosion of information about the ocean. To change our destructive course we must harness this knowledge, make it accessible to everyone and creatively communicate what the state of the oceans means to the future of life on our planet.

CAROL BEBELLE : Culture and Re-building...Re-membering New Orleans / Re-weaving its Social and Cultural Fabric

The renowned community activist, poet and co-founder of the Ash