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There are only 83 days left until Election Day, Nov. 6. And, the last day to register to vote, Oct. 9, is even sooner than that. Time is growing short, and I need your help.

I am putting together a voter's guide covering all the local and state candidates on the ballot in and around Marion County. (Except for township level and school board seats.) I am including the list of candidates I will be sending questions to below so you can tailor your queries accordingly.

So, here's my big plan: I am sending out my list of five questions each to the candidates Aug. 29. That means you have two weeks to send the questions you want answered to me by email (preferably) at or by mail at 3951 N. Meridian St., Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46208.

The sooner the better. The deadline for the candidates to return their answers — 100 words or fewer for each question, please — to me is Sept. 26. I will start publishing the answers we receive back in a four-week series every Wednesday starting Oct. 3. And there will be a special section in our Halloween edition before votes are cast.

Thank you in advance for your help. And, one last thing: Please make sure you're registered to vote and then actually vote. This is all pointless otherwise.


U.S. House of Representatives

  • 4th District: Jim Baird (R), Tobi Beck (D)
  • 5th District: Susan Brooks (R)*, Dee Thornton (D)
  • 6th District: Jeannine Lee Lake (D), Tom Ferkinhoff (L), Heather Meloy (I)#, Greg Pence (R), John Miller (I)#
  • 7th District: André Carson (D)*, Wayne “Gunny” Harmon (R)
  • 9th District: Trey Hollingsworth (R)*, Liz Watson (D)

U.S. Senate

  • Mike Braun (R), Lucy Brenton (L), Joe Donnelly (D)*


Indiana Auditor of State

  • Tera Klutz (R)*, John Schnick (L), Joselyn Whitticker (D)

Indiana Secretary of State

  • Jim Harper (D), Jeremy Heath (P)#, Connie Lawson (R)*, Mark W. Rutherford (L), George W. Wolfe (G)#

Indiana Treasurer of State

  • John C. Aguilera (D), Kelly Mitchell (R)*

Indiana House of Representatives

  • 86th District: Edward DeLaney (D)*
  • 87th District: Paula Finch (R), Carey Hamilton (D)*
  • 88th District: Brian Bosma (R)*, Poonam Gill (D)
  • 89th District: John Barnes (D), Cindy Kirchhofer (R)*
  • 90th District: Tim Jeffers (D), Mike Speedy (R)*
  • 91st District: Robert Behning (R)*, Kevin Leineweber (D)
  • 92nd District: Karlee Macer (D)*
  • 93rd District: David Frizzell (R)*, Greg Rathnow (D)
  • 94th District: Cherrish Pryor (D)*
  • 95th District: John Bartlett (D)*
  • 96th District: Gregory W. Porter (D)*
  • 97th District: Justin Moed (D)*
  • 98th District: Robin Shackleford (D)*
  • 99th District: Vanessa Summers (D)*

Indiana State Senate

  • 29th District: Mike Delph (R)*, J.D. Ford (D)
  • 31st District: Derek Camp (D), James Merritt Jr. (R)*


Marion County Assessor

  • Joseph P. O'Connor (D)*

Marion County Auditor

  • Caarn Heir (R), Julie Voorhies (D)*

Marion County Circuit Court Clerk

  • Myla A. Eldridge (D)*, Kyle Leffel (R)

Prosecuting Attorney of Marion County, 19th Judicial Circuit

  • Terry R. Curry (D)*, Benjamin D. Strahm (R)

Marion County Recorder

  • Paul Annee (R), Kate Sweeney Bell (D)*

Marion County Sheriff

  • Brian K. Durham (R), Kerry Joseph Forestal (D)


Indiana Supreme Court Justice

  • Geoffrey G. Slaughter

Court of Appeals — District 2 Judge

  • Robert R. “Bob” Altice, Jr.

Marion County Superior Court Judges

  • Lisa F. Borges, Linda E. Brown, Sheila A. Carlisle, John M. T. Chavis II, Steven R. Eichholtz, Alicia A. Gooden, Clayton A. Graham, John F. Hanley, Grant W. Hawkins, Amy M. Jones, James A. Joven, Helen W. Marchal, William J. Nelson, Clark H. Rogers, Jose D. Salinas, Mark D. Stoner, Heather Welch


* = Incumbent

# = Write-In

(D) = Democratic Party

(G) = Green Party

(I) = Independent

(L) = Libertarian

(P) = Pirate Party

(R) = Republican Party

Rob Burgess, News Editor at NUVO Newsweekly, can by email at, by phone at 317-808-4614 or on Twitter @robaburg.

Writer - Local Government and Justice

My background is that I'm the fourth generation in my family to work as a journalist. I also have a degree from Indiana University in Elementary Education. My wife, Ash, and I have two children, Harper, 4, and Emerald, 1.

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