Zero Hour

Mayor Hogsett joins young advocates at the Zero Hour march

Former NUVO Managing Editor Jim Poyser was joined by Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett at the Zero Hour march in downtown Indianapolis last weekend.

Poyser is now the executive director at Earth Charter Indiana and doing great work towards their mission of creating a just, peaceful and sustainable Indiana.

Earth Charter's two main programs are Resilient Indiana and Youth Power Indiana, that intersect in an annual Climate Leadership Summit, where mayors, city officials and engaged youth gather to discussion climate challenges and solutions.

On Saturday, July 21, Poyser led a group of Indianapolis youth who took to the streets of Indianapolis to demand immediate governmental action on climate change. The march was part of a nationwide movement known as This Is Zero Hour. Many of the children prepared speeches, poems, and even original music to perform.

Mayor Joe Hogsett started the gathering off by giving a speech in which he announced Indianapolis would be a part of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

“Seeing you all here today, and seeing all of these beautiful future leaders who stand behind me here today, it gives me great hope," said Hogsett. "For you are our future. And you are already driving efforts in helping shape a better Indianapolis.”

The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy is dedicated to creating a sustainable future by fulfilling the Paris agreement.

"Mayor Hogsett has already shown his interest in a climate resilient Indy, by supporting last year’s youth-led Climate Recovery Resolution, passed by the City-County Council, that led to the launch of Thrive Indianapolis," says Poyser.

"By joining the Covenant he has solidified his resolve to work towards Indianapolis being a green city."

“I'm glad that he came to speak. He's been very supportive throughout all of this. And I think that it's great that he supports the youth of the community, and this cause," adds Ella, age 12, a participant in the march.

The Zero Hour march was also the closing ceremony of Climate Camp, Earth Charter Indiana, HEART (Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers) and Peace Learning Center’s annual summer climate camp. Over a two week session, campers have learned about sustainability in their city, as well as in their personal lives.

"The march was a way to remind youth of their voice in creating a city they want to live in," says Poyser.

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Jim Poyser

Jim Poyser, Former NUVO Superstar, current Earth Charter Superstar