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Kristi Cundiff, CEO of Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents introduces a conflict resolution toll free hotline for foster care concern or help.

Advocates for foster and adoptive parents on Tuesday unveiled a conflict resolution toll-free phone line that will offer them the resources and support they need as they provide homes to children in need.

Kristi Cundiff, CEO of Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents introduces a toll-free hotline for foster care parents to get help. Photo by Bryan Wells,

Kristi Cundiff, founder and CEO of Indiana Foster and Adoptive Parents, said parents or others are encouraged to call the toll-free line — 833-KID-HERO — if they need support.

“The children must be safe, protected, and reach their full potential,” Cundiff said at a press conference at the Statehouse.

The non-profit organization began as a closed Facebook group until Cundiff and many other advocates wanted to do more for young Hoosiers in foster care. As of today, the group has more than 5,200 members and continues to keep growing.

Cundiff pointed out that the opioid crisis in Indiana is tearing families apart, resulting in increasing numbers of children landing in foster care because of a parent’s addicition.

“We don’t have all the answers and we don’t claim to have all the answers, but neither does the child welfare system in our state. We all need to speak up, especially when a child is not in a safe environment,” said Cundiff.

Indiana, a mandatory report state, has a child abuse and neglect hotline–1-800-800-5556–that all should call if abuse or neglect of a child is suspected. The hotline, staffed with specially-trained case managers, is the central reporting center for abuse and neglect in the state.

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