Pence versus the environment — and jobs


Here’s a question for you: Are you familiar with the Clean Power Plan?

In June, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed the Clean Power Plan that will “maintain an affordable, reliable energy system, while cutting pollution and protecting our health and environment.” Sounds like a winner!

But fear not, emission-loving Hoosiers (if you’re reading this, that’s probably not you)! Good ol’ Governor Pence will protect you from the people who are trying to protect you. In a recent email, he shared that he informed President Obama that “Indiana won’t comply with his administration’s proposed new Clean Power Plan.”

He suggested that trying to cut pollution and maintain affordable energy rates “stymies economic growth in states like Indiana. Hard working Hoosiers can’t afford these burdensome, job-killing regulations…” Wonder if he’s ever met any of the hard working Hoosiers that work for one of Indiana’s 30-plus solar manufacturers or 30-plus solar installers, not to mention all the other renewable energy-related jobs in our state. Wonder if he’s connected on LinkedIn with anyone who lost their job after the Energizing Indiana program ended. Heck, I have a job, in part, because Indiana needs so much push back and advocacy when it comes to renewable energy and other environmental issues. Thanks Mr. Pence, I guess.

All negativity aside, there are many Hoosiers who want to show their support for the Clean Power Plan. And what better way to show the EPA and the country our support than a party – a CLEANPOWERPARTY!

If you…

- want Indiana to pollute less

- love clean air

- want green jobs in our state

- want to be part of the solution

you should RSVP to the Sierra Club and Indiana Beyond Coal’s party to learn more about and support the Clean Power Plan.

Clean power = jobs

Most of you know that, bottom line, the environmental impact is the most important factor to me. But, if I must talk economics (a.k.a. jobs), then I will. Or at least I’ll lean on people I trust to talk about it.

My friend and colleague at Hoosier Environmental Council, Jesse, says, "The Clean Power Plan sends a clear, strong signal to companies that want to build, invest, and install energy-saving equipment, solar, and wind, that our country is moving in a low-carbon direction and that there is a big market for their low-carbon products. Indiana should embrace, not resist, this Plan, because it has more to gain than most states — we're second in the nation in potential clean energy jobs per person! And while opponents of the Clean Power Plan describe the plan as being really burdensome and costly for Indiana, the irony is that Indiana would have easily met its 2020 goals under the plan had Indiana's legislature and Governor's office not gutted the Energizing Indiana program last year."

Speaking of the Energizing Indiana program, according to the final report, it created approximately 18,679 jobs. (Never mind the reduction in energy usage and lower energy bills for those who participated in the program.)

Jesse’s mention of Indiana being second in the nation in potential for clean energy jobs comes from a report in 2009 by the Renewable Energy Policy Project stating that Indiana has potential for almost 40,000 clean energy jobs.

Inovateus, headquartered in South Bend and employer of 35 people, was ranked by Solar Power World as the 19th top EPC (industry term for turnkey solar provider) in 2014 and is expected to maintain or improve its rank in 2015. And they’re starting to do more and more projects right here in their home state. Indiana doesn’t just have potential — it’s happening now!

Hoosiers have proven that we want to be on the right side of history in many ways lately. Whaddya say we do the same for the right to breathe clean air?

Learn more about HEC’s position and contact Senator Donnelly to express your support of the Clean Power Plan — check out for more info.

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