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Video Premiere: Daesy Chain’s “Say to Me”

The Bloomington avant-pop combo drops a new video this Valentine’s Day

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Daesy Chain is an avant-pop combo started by Bloomington's Biz Strother.

Daesy Chain is an avant-pop combo whose lush vocal harmonies and hard hitting beats sooth and inspire. This Valentine’s Day, the Bloomington group premieres their visual for “Say to Me”—a smooth song inspired acts like Sade and Solange.

Tonight in Bloomington, Daesy Chain will celebrate the video’s release with a live performance/screening celebration at the Bishop. In addition to this show, the group will also make their way to Brooklyn for a live performance/screening at Gold Sounds as well.

Stream the video below and continue reading for an interview with Daesy Chain founder Biz Strother.

NUVO: Give me some background on Daesy Chain. How long have you been making music as a part of this project?

BIZ STROTHER: Daesy Chain branches from my solo singer-songwriter work as e.a. strother. In the fall of 2014, I took a step away from my acoustic guitar and a step towards a Boss RC-30 loop pedal and a synthesizer. My world was opened to limitless harmonies and intuitive rhythm. I continued writing songs about love, existence, and friendship, but they were fuller and richer.

In 2015, my dear friends Chelsea Sherman (vocals), Kenzie Main (vocals), and Charles "Chuck" Roldan (drums) were the first in joining me in bringing these songs to life for a live performance. The four of us played our first show as "e.a. strother and the daisychains" at the Monroe County Public Library to a very encouraging audience of four. By 2016, we had grown the project into a six-piece band with the help of Anju Marie Chandy (keys) and Gerard Pannekoek (bass). We were honored to compete in and win Bluebird's Battle of the Bands in 2017. The band continues to morph and grow with Matt Romy on keys, Gabe Garber on bass, and Jen Simpson on vocals.

NUVO: How did the video for "Say to Me" come together?

STROTHER: The “Say to Me” video came together fast. I wrote the story and pitched my idea to Andy Beargie of Blockhouse Media, who is also producing our record. He and I directed the video with the help of cinematographer Robbie Gonyea. Jen, Kenzie, and I put together props and costumes. The cast was comprised of bandmates and friends: Biz Strother, Kenzie Main, Jen Simpson, Charles Roldan, Matt Romy, Chelsea Sherman, Ned Joyner, Curtis Williams, Caleb Ketcham, and Michael Collins. We shot it all in eight hours.

NUVO: What do you like about how it turned out?

STROTHER: I love how we were able to bring this vision to life. I wanted everything to be red, and I wanted cheeky drama. I think we got there.

NUVO: What's on the horizon for Daesy Chain?

STROTHER: We are finishing up an album and dreaming up the next music video.

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