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Review: Police Teeth at The Melody Inn

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Review: Police Teeth at The Melody Inn


Seattle-based punk group shook The Mel with their balanced portions of punk, rock, and Fugazi-esque grooves, joined by an eclectic bill of Indianapolis native bands as part of the Wasted Wednesday series. After releasing a self-titled fourth album with Latest Flame Records this month Police Teeth have been enjoying themselves on the road. The latest release is a return to the trio format for them and also a return to the raw origins of the band's sound since their formation in 2006, with more ambitious noise-rock components. Police Teeth's new album hits the spot for anyone searching for snarky, intelligent underground music.

Ha Ha You opened up with tight-laced experimental rock. Ethereal vocals, thumping bass rhythms, and a diverse range of guitar styles. They groove from pop-melodies to raging psychedelic blitzes on the audience. This band is full of energy, charisma, and innovative talent.

Next, Steve Hammer's favorite band, Male Bondage, tore through a set of party-sludge ballads. Imagine taking your favorite things about punk and doom metal, then stirring them around in a dive-bar toilet. Congratulations you've just created Male Bondage, Indianapolis-bred slime enthusiasts. PBR cans were thrown and good times were had by all.

Police Teeth chewed through a set, mostly consisting of newer songs but with cameos from each of their previous albums. They carry the weight of punk with a sardonic, atavistic attitude. It's amazing to watch as they power through a mixture of innovative hardcore, street-wise rock, and add layers of everything in between. Out back of The Mel the said that they were delighted by the Indianapolis scene, remarking on the interesting features of the historic bar and venue. Indianapolis can only hope that they'll be back soon.

Added at the last minute was Teenage Strange, the Fountain Square scene's answer to heavy metal. Think garage-band Black Sabbath, but with thicker grooves, in the vein of bands like Sleep. These dudes cast a rock 'n' roll spell on crowds, inducing head-banging from anyone within 30 feet.

Once again the Wasted Wednesday guys were able to map out a diverse show for local and out-of-state bands to show up for work late and hungover in the best possible way.

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