Review: Peter and the Kings, 'I Everything'

Peter and The Kings

If you've followed local music at all over the past decade and a half, there's a good chance you've seen Peter King up on stage with one band or another. From The Impossible Shapes to Learner Dancer to Bait and Tackle Tabernacle, the multi-instrumentalist showcases his playing talent as a member of several notable local acts through the years. But, it's not until recently that King has been up front as the leader and primary songwriter of his own band, Peter and the Kings.

After a year and a half of live shows, the group honed its spellbinding style of psych rock and folk, with King's distinctive, chamber-esque songwriting serving as the anchor. Despite only having a mixed bag of recordings on Musical Family Tree and Soundcloud, the Kings have managed to play several shows around Indianapolis since their formation. But thankfully for fans of the four-piece, a full-length album is finally on the way, and it captures the Kings in all of their spaced-out splendor.

Titled I Everything, the group's debut effort was recorded, mixed and mastered by Magnetic South Recordings' John Dawson, and the Bloomington-based analog recording studio and record label will also be releasing the album on cassette. With I Everything, King wrote all of the album's 12 songs, but a collection of bandmates are just as responsible for its overall charm. Bassist Benny Sanders (formerly of Everthus the Deadbeats, Jookabox) keyboardist Duncan Kissinger (works solo as Skin Conditions, formerly of Hotfox, Thunders) and percussionist Ben Bernthal (currently fronts Memory Foam) each add their own touch to King's masterful song craft.

With this in mind, the band seems to be at its best on I Everything when each individual is adding his own style and texture to King's foundational ideas. Whether it's Bernthal's intriguing percussion setup, or Kissinger's hypnotizing tone on keys, each member of Peter and the Kings accentuates all the others in a way that seems genuine and natural. Pair this with King's one-of-a-kind knack for writing songs, and there's no wonder that I Everything is such a great listen from top to bottom.

Peter and The Kings Release Show

and Magnetic South Pop-Up with Lech

and the Magnetic South Djs,

Saturday, Dec. 19, State Street Pub,

243 N. State Ave., 9 p.m., $5, 21+


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