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He looked like a retired auto worker out for his evening walk. Silver hair, mustache, faded wranglers, tucked-in LL Bean button-down, and a ball cap. But, when Peter One wandered onto the Brown County Music Center stage last Tuesday, picked up his guitar, and started to sing, it was pure magic. Back by a band of Nashville whizkids half his age, Peter's soulful voice filled the room with honey and wonder. Tunes like "Shit Show" and "Romeo & Juliet" we spell-binding. A vocal talent like this only comes along every so often; Peter One is a cat you want to keep an eye on.

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After walking into the original NUVO offices in fall, 1990, wearing a leather jacket, sporting a purple Mohawk and scaring the bejesus out of the editorial staff, Jeff Napier quickly proved indispensable to NUVO, Indy’s music scene and its readers

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