Review: The Knux at Birdy's

The Knux

Thursday, Dec.1

Birdy's Bar & Grill

Just before 11 on Thursday night, The Knux rolled into Birdy's (literally- I walked in right behind them) and immediately took command of the stage.

The Knux is comprised of brothers Kentrell "Krispy" Lindsey and Alvin "Joey" Lindsey (who both sing, rap, produce, and play instruments) but they were also joined on stage by a live bassist, drummer, and DJ. Krispy seemed to be the ringleader; he did most of the talking, expressive dancing. He generally kept the show on track.

But that's not to dismiss Joey's contributions. Outfitted in a stylish trapper hat, Joey laid down a few jaw-dropping guitar solos throughout the night...after he took care of some early technical difficulties.

"This monitor is busted as fuck," Joey announced shortly after the show began.

The Knux are currently touring in support of their most recent album release, Eraser. It's the pair's follow up to their 2008 debut Remind Me In 3 Days. There's a noticeable difference in sound and style between the two records; Remind Me In 3 Days is built on catchy hip hop and topped with tasty electro tidbits, while Eraser moves the duo closer to the mainstream with highly-produced pop and rock music that showcases The Knux's instrumental talents.

A small crowd was in the house, but it quickly became apparent that all in attendance were devoted fans. They swarmed the front of the stage to sing and dance along with much enthusiasm. To show their appreciation, Krispy handed out t-shirts just a few songs in.

"This is our first time in Indy," he humbly declared to the audience. "We didn't really know what our fan base would be like... but we're definitely gonna be back in February."

Song selections bounced back and forth between the two albums. Breakout hit "Cappuccino" from their debut came just two songs in, followed by Eraser's "Run". They immediately switched back to Remind Me In 3 Days for "The Train", which ended in a slowed down, reworked run of the chorus. Krispy turned his back to the audience to shift attention to Joey's guitar work, then turned back around and assumed the role of orchestrator. He performed a sequence of sharp, staccato dance moves with his arms that were especially animated and entertaining. The Knux later finished the hour-long show with beloved favorites from Remind Me In 3 Days "Roxxanne" and "Bang! Bang!"

In addition to the high-energy performance, interaction with fans was elevated as well. Krispy spoke directly to individuals in between songs, made eye contact and pointed his fingers while performing, and repeatedly reassured us they would be back to Indy again early next year. As a final unifying token of appreciation for the fun time they'd had, The Knux asked everyone to make the peace sign with their fingers and raise their hands to air.

"Altogether, now," Krispy commanded. "One... two... three... PEACE!"

"Razorblade" by The Knux


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