Review: Logic at Emerson Theater

Michael Christmas finishes up his set before giving way to Logic.

Usually when I tell people I’m old, they laugh at me, and rightfully so. I’m not old, I’m 23 - I can’t even rent a car yet, which would have come in handy since I missed the opener due to transportation issues. Well most of the opener that is, I walked in as Michael Christmas was finishing up his set by playing a mix of iLoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday” – how fitting. But I digress, at this show I felt old. These all-ages shows really cater to a younger crowd, especially when the headliner turned 25 last week.

Being as this was the first stop on Logic’s Monster Energy Outbreak Under Pressure World Tour, there were some cobwebs that needed dusting off. In an attempt to get the crowd hyped early on, he mentioned that this was his first ever stop in Indiana, while also mentioning that it would be a city he’d never forget. Newsflash, Indiana is a state, not a city. But I’ll cut him some slack since he is under a lot of pressure – pun intended.

Things didn’t improve from there though. He broke one of my cardinal rules when it comes to hip-hop or rap concerts, makes sure the audience can understand you. His rapping style is already difficult to hear, but he made it nearly impossible by drowning himself out with heavy background bass and by rapping over his own tracks, lyrics included. Because of this I knew early on that it was going to be tough to get a truly great experience.

The oddest part of the show was when, between songs, he'd ask the crowd if they wanted to go home. First off, what kind of question is that? Who wants to leave early at a concert they paid money for? Secondly, why ask the same damn question 9 times? He must've been watching Super Bowl Media Day because he honed his inner Marshawn Lynch.

It rubbed me the wrong way, as if he needed the crowd to vindicate him playing a full set. IT'S YOUR WORLD TOUR, PEOPLE PAID TO SEE YOU, THEY WANT TO BE THERE.

But enough negativity for one review, let’s talk positives. I’ll give him props where it’s due because he kept the crowd hyped the entire show. By bringing a fan on stage to rap a verse, throwing down a freestyle and out of nowhere playing Steve Aoki’s remix of “Pursuit of Happiness,” he threw enough curveballs into the show to keep fans on their toes.

And it really helped that he wasn’t afraid to play some older tracks. Personally I like his mixtape material better and there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s better “live” music than many tracks off Under Pressure. Playing tracks like “Roll Call,” “The Come Up,” and “Numbers,” added great balance to an album tour. Plus he didn’t back down from performing crowd-requested “All I Do” despite admitting to not performing the track in a long time.

Not to throw Under Pressure under the bus but it hid in the shadows, which is ironic since he’s touring in support of it. Sure he played tracks off it, but he had to. “Im Gone,” “Nikki,” and “Bounce” were solid, as well as “Till The End,” which rounded out the regular set. The title track, accompanied by a random yet intense light show finished off the evening as the encore. But the album's performance was dull, lacking the spark needed to start a fire in the crowd.

All in all the show could’ve been better, there’s no denying that. But it’s the first of many to come and I have no doubt Logic will iron out the kinks. I just wish he would've done it before starting the tour in Indy.

Peace, love & positivity.


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