Review: Infected Mushroom at Egyptian Room

Infected Mushroom producer Erez Eisen inside his sphere during the opening song of their set.

I've been infected and it only took 90 minutes. Symptoms include: irrational movement of the arms and legs, as well as constant head bobbing. Only known cure is more Infected Mushroom. Not a problem in my book.

Infected Mushroom, an Israeli-born duo consisting of vocalist/producer Amit Duvdevani and producer Erez Eisen, turnedthe Egyptian Room into an infection of love to begin Valentine's Day. Staged in cutout life size hamster balls, the pair jammed out to a wide variety of tunes, embarking on an adventure through the last decade of their music.

Classics like "Cities of the Future" and "Becoming Insane" were fantastic, but it was a remix of Foo Fighters "The Pretender" that stole the set. Duvdevani temporary abandoned his sphere, inciting frenzy in the crowd. And in return they belted out the song's chorus in a full on shouting match. Duvdevani also conducted the crowd like a full-blown orchestra director (maybe his secret passion?).

A psychedelic video screen that rivaled the likes of Conspirator a few weeks prior added a stimulation of the eyes to the already impressive eargasm. An intergalactic space battle preceded by a light speed jump similar to the one in Star Wars took the gold medal of visualizations. As one fan described it, "the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." I don't know if I'd go that far, but it was definitely a spectacular site.

Surprise addition Randy Seidman preceded Butch Clancy in the lineup and provided the perfect buildup with his unique style of mixing. Butch Clancy, to cries of "will you be my Valentine?" took the stage just after midnight and it didn't take him long to win the hearts of the rest of the crowd. He jumped straight out of the gate with bangers "Paradiso" and his retwerk, yes retwerk, of Buraka Som Sistem's "Hangover." But he wasn't afraid to do a complete 180 and throw in his remix of Band Of Horses' "Funeral" right after a remix of Candyland's "Castle Affair;" a nice change of pace after the majority of hard style mixes.

An average-sized crowd for a show in the Egyptian Room gave each fan adequate breathing room, even those close to the front. And I didn't catch a single elbow to the face, a vast improvement from the last all-ages show I attended. As I previously mentioned, a large amount of irrational limb movement occurred during Infected Mushroom and it led to the sensation gym addicts like to call "post leg day," except I experienced "post leg and arm day."

Totally worth it.


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