Review: Father John Misty at The Bluebird

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Father John Misty, half naked


Father John Misty danced his way through a set at the Bloomington venue on Thursday, January 10, to a hypnotized crowd. Josh Tillman, former drummer of Fleet Foxes, is larger than life when he takes on his role as front man. The singer dances with movements from the birth of 60s psych-rock, chastises himself and the crowd between songs with a sharp balance of wit and humility, and performs with a level of charisma that radiates outward concentrically into the audience.

The album, Fear Fun, has been awarded and praised from every corner of the independent music world. Almost every 'Best of 2012' list on the internet acknowledged the songwriter's work. He's taken the spotlight on serious, melodramatic folk and turned it on its head by introducing elements of roots rock, psychedelia, and sarcasm. The narrative voice that he found by leaving Seattle reinvigorated the solo project as J. Tillman, changing the tone and direction into what he's doing today. Reincarnated as Father John Misty, Tillman uses his gorgeous voice to tell bleakly fantastic stories about life in Los Angeles.

As an artist he's an symbol of self-assessing humility and fear. His intelligence shines through in every interview, as well as his humor.

The show in Bloomington was spectacular. The crowd was mesmerized by Tillman's onstage persona as the band led the audience through the weirdly profound adventures turned into song in Fear Fun.

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