There was no shortage of storylines Friday night as Excision, Dirtyphonics and ill.Gates stopped by the Egyptian Room for a night of nasty bass.

With Jerry Seinfeld playing in the Murat Theatre next door, gates didn't open till 10pm, leaving a longer than expected line outside. Luckily spring finally decided to arrive so it was a pleasant wait. The show actually began an hour later because Seinfeld said no to the bass until then.

A riled up and rage-ready crowd packed the Egyptian Room as Canadian producer ill.Gates took the stage a little after 11pm. It wasn't long until lasers, lights and loud music filled the room. But it was only an appetizer for the main course that would follow.

What happened next was an unexpected turn of events. Since I forgot to check social media before the show I didn't realize that Excision would be playing before Dirtyphonics. Reason being - "people start leaving at 2." At least that's what Excision said on Twitter when asked why he wasn't playing last at his own show, not that I disagree with him. Thought it was a little out of the ordinary but I understand his reasoning behind the call.

Nonetheless he took the stage just after midnight and never took his foot off the gas pedal. Playing for what seemed like 15 minutes but was really 90, Excision played some of the loudest music I've ever heard in my entire life. Each and every watt of the 150,000 was flowing through my ears, at times my ears felt like they were being melted away by the sheer loudness coming from the speakers.

Remember how I mentioned there might be a dinosaur running around stage? Well there was. A massive, eerily-real looking T-Rex made its presence known as it jumped from one side of the stage to the other. It was clear the sci-fi fanatic was adding another dimension to an already complex live persona that included the Executioner stage.

Just before 2am Excision relinquished the stage to French duo Dirtyphonics. And just like he had predicted before the show, a large majority of the crowd decided they didn't want to stick around any longer, a huge mistake on their part.

Dirtyphonics got down and dirty playing filthy bass until the clock struck three. After so much dancing it was a pleasant surprise when the guys brought out super-soakers and drenched the crowd - a great way to cool off after working up a sweat to the tunes. Oh and the scantly clothed dancing women on stage didn't hurt either.

Walking out of the show I remembered something that my mom told me a few shows back, "you're going to be deaf someday." With great bass like this, it would be hard not to.


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